Hi, I'm Guillermo Hernandez

Software Engineer.

About Me

Guillermo Hernandez


My name is Guillermo Hernandez and I am a 2020 CS graduate from UC Irvine. I am passionate about web development and I strive to create software that will impact the world. Welcome to my portfolio website!


I am currently seeking a full-time role as a Software Engineer. I have most of my experience in full-stack web development, mainly through React, Python, and Node.js. Below you will find some of the technologies I've worked with.

  • Web & Frameworks: React, Node.js, Gatsby, Next.js, Bulma, Bootstrap 4
  • Languages: Python, Javascript, Java, Ruby, Swift, C
  • Tools: Git, GitHub, Visual Studio, Xcode, Vim, Heroku, Netlify, AWS
  • Databases: MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase DB


Let's get in touch.

Irvine, CA

323 - 884 - 3908


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